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About the Finishing Touch Elite

The Finishing Touch Elite is a miracle hair removing wand that erases unwanted hair instantly and painlessly.  It is safe to the touch and angled for precise handling. It is sleek and discreet enough to fit in your purse and powerful enough to remove the thickest hair anywhere. The Finishing Touch Elite even has a light up tip remove hard to see stray hairs. To place an order visit the official Finishing Touch Elite website.


Finishing Touch Elite and Cancer Schmancer


Did you know that part of the proceeds of Finishing Touch Elite – and Yes! by Finishing Touch – benefit Fran Drescher’s foundation Cancer Schmancer?

The mission of Cancer Schmancer is to shift the nation’s focus from only searching for a cure to early detection and prevention. The Cancer Schmancer Movement is a three-prong organization dedicated to: 1) Early Detection; 2) Prevention; and 3) Policy Change.

Learn more about Fran’s own experiences with cancer and the Cancer Schmancer organization at www.cancerschmancer.org.


Finishing Touch Elite Meets HowTo Style

HowTo Style recently created a wonderful video tutorial on trimming your eyebrows with the Finishing Touch Elite. Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician, Kristie Kennedy, leads the tutorial.

“When you think about eyebrows, ladies love to have the perfectly shaped eyebrow” begins Kennedy. “And often times when we waxing – or if we do tweezing or threading – it can be a painful process.” Kennedy proceeds to provide step-by-step instructions on how to instead trim eyebrows with the Finishing Touch Elite

“The benefit to using the Finishing Touch hair trimmer is to get those fine hairs in those awkward-to-reach spots” says Kennedy.

Watch the full Finishing Touch Elite tutorial below:

Finishing Touch Elite for Special Occasions: Homecomings and Proms

finishing-touch-elite-homecoming-proms-02Going to homecoming and proms are a very special time in a person’s life. They’re more than just a glamorous time out with friends – they mark a period of transition in one’s life. The one encourage us to consider our bright futures and the other reminds us to remember our heritages and past.

It’s important to stay in the moment during these special occasions and to try and treasure this time with friends. Prepare ahead of time with any details that are important to you so on the night of the prom or homecoming dance, you can focus on your connections with loved ones and friends.

Here are a few tips to help you plan those important details. When deciding what goes in your purse for the night consider the following:
• Include a face powder compact for touch-ups before pictures.
• Your cell phone, with the ringer off.
• Include a bottle of clear nail polish for any unexpected runs in fabric.
• Bring a tiny bottle of hairspray.
• Include the Finishing Touch Elite for any upsets involving unwanted hair. The Finishing Touch Elite is very elegant and discreet in design and will not leave any irritation or strange markings on your skin after use. If needed, it could be used swiftly in the ladies room and – thanks to the Finishing Touch Elite – no one would ever know!

Homecoming dances are proms are a time of memory-making and dancing. They are your time to shine! Let Finishing Touch Elite help make your nights memorable!


Finishing Touch Elite for Special Occasions: Weddings

Weddings are a great time for people to come together and celebrate not only the couple that is getting married, but each other! These are times when people tend to reflect on the people they love and care about most.

As selected members of the wedding party, bridesmaids happily give so much of their time and effort to ensure that the bride has everything she needs to feel absolutely beautiful and joyful on her wedding day. Brides appreciate this and usually give their bridesmaids a gift before the wedding, as a way to say, “Thanks for being here for me.” Sometimes these gifts are thoughtful but not always practical – like the pretty engraved silver pill box or the identical rhinestone necklace given to each bridesmaid.

finishing-touch-elite-special-occassions-weddingsSo brides, how about using your creativity and coming up with a gift that your bridesmaids will not only love – but actually use! No matter what you give, it will be special because it is from you. But if you consider some of the following ideas, your gift will be extra special – and very memorable:
• Buy a sun hat and use it as a basket to fill with other items.
• Include essentials for the wedding day – waterproof mascara, clear nail polish, breath mints and a packet of tissues will all come in very handy!
• Put a Finishing Touch Elite in the hat – this is a great way to discreetly remove any unwanted hair, especially in a pinch for time.
• A fancy piece of chocolate should go in – because she’s so sweet!
• Add a picture in a small frame of the two of you – honoring your friendship.

Wrap it up in cellophane with a big satin bow – elegant with a personal touch! Your bridesmaids will love your gifts.

The Finishing Touch Elite is small enough to slip into a pocketbook and because it leaves no redness or skin irritation, it could even be used in the ladies room while at the wedding – if need be!


The Finishing Touch Elite Ensures a Polished Appearance

finishing-touch-elite-polished-appearanceEvery woman has, at one point or another, caught herself looking into the rear view mirror while waiting at a red light and shockingly discovered a rogue facial hair that seemed to pop up from nowhere. Many women might use a pair of tweezers at this point, but then there is that risk of getting to your destination with a swollen red bump on your face – right where the hair was plucked. Maybe no one will notice or maybe everyone will notice, but just not say anything.

With the Finishing Touch Elite, there is never a reason to risk such embarrassment. The elegant slim purple case can be slipped easily into a pocketbook to keep for use at times just like this. Red bumps and irritation are not an issue when using this unique shaver because hairs are not pulled from the skin and no chemicals are used.

The Finishing Touch Elite can be used anywhere that unwanted hair grows, even delicate areas such as the upper lip or the underneath arm area. But in those real awkward moments, the Finishing Touch Elite will prove to be an invaluable tool for eliminating what you don’t want to be seen. It’s always good to have on hand, but especially so for those times where a polished appearance will be most memorable. Think weddings, proms, those milestone birthdays or graduations, or job interviews.

In all of these important moments – and many more just like it – the Finishing Touch Elite will truly serve as the “finishing touch” to allow your radiance to shine with confidence!

The Finishing Touch Elite: Step into Summer Fun

finishing-touch-elite-step-summer-funWith the warmer weather fast approaching, pedicures will be in high demand as boots and other closed-toe shoes are traded in for sandals and open-toe heels. Toenail polish colors and application techniques will change with every new season but usually a good pedicure will hold up for about two weeks before another trip is required back to the nail salon.

The Finishing Touch Elite is every woman’s little secret to maintaining the look of clean and smooth toes in between pedicures. After a few days the fine little hairs on the toes start to sprout back up again. If this isn’t addressed before the next pedicure visit they will grow longer and stick straight out – like those prickly things that grow on a cactus. It’s not pretty and frankly, a little frightening. But in a matter of seconds, the Finishing Touch Elite can easily trim away that little problem!

The Finishing Touch Elite is designed with feminine elegance in mind and can discreetly fit into any pocketbook. Toes can be maintained at any point in time and will leave no trace of irritation at all – leaving you to simply put your best foot forward and proceed with confidence!

Avoid Embarrassment with the Finishing Touch Elite

finishing-touch-elite-avoid-embarassmentTrends in make-up or hair coloring may come and go, but unwanted facial hair is never going to be fashionable. Genetics and hormones may be the determining factors for facial hair but no woman needs to feels powerless in her desire to keep her face free and clear. The Finishing Touch Elite is the secret to enhancing any complexion!

With its sleek design, this hair removal tool fits discreetly into any handbag or make-up case. It’s so easy to use that within seconds unwanted hair can be eliminated without leaving any signs of red irritated skin or unsightly bumps. It even comes with a little spotlight built in so you can see details of what needs to be removed. The Finishing Touch Elite is there for those awkward times when a stray is spotted in the rear view mirror or in a public restroom with bright fluorescent lights. Don’t be caught unprepared. Empower yourself by stashing the Finishing Touch Elite in your bag and simply allow your natural glow of confidence to shine clearly!

All About Peach Fuzz

finishing-touch-elite-and-peach-fuzzPeach fuzz doesn’t just refer to the small hair like feature found on the outside of a peach. Rather, it is often used to describe the small, almost invisible hair that can be found on a woman’s face. For some, this is no big deal. Others want it removed along with other bothersome hair.

Whether you want it removed or just kept in check, the Finishing Touch Elite can help! Small enough to fit in a purse & it runs off of 1 AAA battery. Lightweight, portable, and imminently usable.