Spring Break Destinations: San Diego

Want to travel for Spring Break, but you don’t have a passport…or you don’t want to leave the country? Consider San Diego, California!

San Diego is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Los Angeles. The weather is great year-round, and there’s plenty of outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and a lively night-life.

Did you know there’s over 70 miles of sandy beaches?

Visit Belmont Park on Mission beach. There’s a great amusement park with roller coaster and wave machine. Both Mission Beach and Pacific Beach will give you gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.

Looking for some fun at night? Try Fluxx, a club downtown that frequently has celebrities popping in to drink and dance. Just be warned – there can be long lines and pricey drinks.

Don’t miss the Gas Light District, or Coronado!

If you’re looking a break from nightlife and beaches consider. The San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. This is one of the top zoos in the country, and its’ huge! Legoland California is nearby, where you can build your own adventure with rides, attractions, and of course tons of Lego displays! If you want to venture further north, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks are open for endless, fun adventures.

And, of course, don’t’ forget to travel with you BFF, Finishing Touch Elite. Finishing Touch Elite is portable, rechargeable, and ready to go! Use it to keep your legs trimmed and ready for the beach…or anywhere else you want to be seen.

Spring Break Destinations: Cabo San Lucas

A popular spring break destination for those on the West Coast, Cabo is a resort city on the southern tip of Baja California in Mexico. Cabo has near perfect weather, with around 350 days of sunny weather per year. The average temperature in the summer is 70-100 degree; in winter it’s 50-80 degrees.

What to do in Cabo? Just about anything! It’s a great place for diving, golf, boating, and other fun summer-time activities.

Playa del Amor


El Arco


Things to watch out for in Cabo according to allaboutcabo.com

The Sun – it’s easy to get a sunburn or sun stroke from the strong sun in Cabo! A painful sunburn can ruin your vacation very quickly. Make sure to drink plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydration, bring a hat and wear a shirt when you can, and make sure to wear waterproof sunscreen and apply often.

Alcohol Abuse – Even if your all-inclusive resort has alcohol, don’t try and “drink your money’s worth.” According to the US Department of state, alcohol is involved in the vast majority of arrests, accidents, crimes, rapes and deaths of American students on spring break.

Swimming – Not all of Cabo’s beaches are safe for swimming due to strong undertow and rough surf. Make sure to take warning flags on beaches very seriously and don’t swim where there is not a lifeguard.

Montezuma’s Revenge – Montezuma’s revenge – or Traveler’s Diarrhea – is the most common illness affecting travelers, and is commonly caused by eating food or drinking water with bacteria that your body is not used to. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cramps, and malaise. Order bottled water, soda, tea etc. and ask for agua purificada. Be careful with dairy, raw fruits and veggies, undercooked meat and seafood off the beaten path. Most hotels and restaurants filter their water, but if you feel like you have to ask, just order bottled water.

And of course, you want to make sure that you are perfectly trimmed for your time on the beach! Pair that bikini with a Finishing Touch Elite to make sure any stray hairs disappear. Take your Finishing Touch Elite onto the beach with you for quick touch-ups in case you missed a spot! Finishing Touch has got your back (and front)!

No-Shave November and Finishing Touch Elite


No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

No-Shave November is a month-long journey during where participants forgo certain kinds of shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.

One item you may not want to avoid shaving is that girlstache.  Be sure to keep your girlstache in check with your Finishing Touch Elite!

Finishing Touch Elite Celebrates Women’s Health Summit

finishing-touch-elite-2015-womens-health-summitFinishing Touch had an incredible day at the 2015 Women’s Health Summit for Cancer Schmancer with Fran Drescher at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA earlier this month!

This full day event empowered women in and around the Los Angeles area to take charge of their health, their bodies and their environment and it featured experts on topics such as detoxing your home, integrative medicine, nutrition, positive thinking, and empowerment. There was also a special exhibition where attendees will enjoy information on leading organizations in the field of health, nutrition, the environment, and positive living.

Finishing Touch was thrilled to be a presenting sponsor at such an amazing event and, in honor of the summit, we held a special giveaway.

The five winners – Dana Cochran, April Freeman, Lydia Navarro, Cathy Osborne, and Melissa Nava – won a pair of tickets to the 2015 Women’s Health Summit AND a Finishing Touch prize package, which includes the environmentally friendly Yes! for water-free, chemical-free, and battery-free hair removal. Thank you to all who entered!

Learn more about the 2015 Women’s Health Summit

The Best Fall 2015 Makeup Trends

Autumn is finally here, you’re using your Finishing Touch Elite to make sure you never have stray hairs on your face, and you want to look sexy!

Consider these 5 makeup trends that are hot this fall:

    • Red lips: It’s doesn’t sound all revolutionary, but when it goes away for a few seasons and then makes a comeback it’s what we needed to get us excited about the makeup bag staple all over again.


  • Dark of berry lips: Not a fan of full blown red?   A rich, velvety black plum lip is a huge trend for fall. Shades from neutral cherries to slightly darker bordeaux-stained lips are hot right now.
  • Well-defined brows: The days of thin, wispy arches are gone! Fall trends for brows include a fuller brow, with a tapering at the end and a slight arch.
  • Heavy metal: Metallic eyeshadows are making a huge comeback.  Many makeup artists opt for warm bronze tones since it’s flattering on almost every skin tone.
  • Dewy skin: Fresh and translucent skin was prominent on all the runway this fall. It’s all about dewy skin, and healthy complexions with a luminous glow.


Supporting the Arts in Style

finishing-touch-elite-recitals-playsFor many schools the most common social gatherings are sporting events and dances. However, many schools also emphasize the arts, including musical recitals, dance recitals, and theater. If you have a talented brother or sister, their recitals or plays are a great opportunity to support them. If you have no siblings, you may still want to attend.  It’s important to be part of your community and share in these wonderful events.

Many young children and teens work very hard to make productions happen, sometimes a whole year. It’s essential to participate in helping your community. Volunteering can look great on your resume for college or a job. While attending the event, you could even meet new people who share similar interests with you. Having the chance to support your community while cheering for the wonderful work others have done can be very satisfying.

When attending the event, it’s important to look your best.   Take some time to find the right outfit, do your makeup and hair, and – for certain – make sure you don’t have any unwanted hairs shining through.  Some events may occur in a darkened auditorium, but the lights eventually come on and you want people’s attention of the performers, not your long, pesky, overgrown hairs. If you need help in this area visit our Finishing Touch Elite website.  It erases unwanted hair instantly and painlessly!

These children have been working hard to put on a show or to prepare for a recital.  Show that you’re proud of their accomplishments, clap your hands, and cheer loudly!

Some Internship or Job Fair Tips from Finishing Touch Elite

finishing-touch-elite-internship-fairsAfter school, you will be entering the “real world.” Preparing for that step is very important. When getting a career in something you enjoy doing, you must first practice and gain some experience. Opportunities for these experiences are right there in front of you – many schools hold internship and job fairs. When they’re not held at your school, your school can provide you with more information on local internship and job fairs in the area.

Internships are great opportunities to help you gain these experiences working in the real world. They give you more insight into the career you’ve chosen and see if it is the right fit for you. Some internships are paid while others are non-paid. You can also take them for school credit depending on your school. The earlier you start working at internship, the more prepared you will be at graduation.

When attending the internship/job fair, it’s essential to be well presented and respectful. Make sure to bring extra copies of your resume to hand out and if you have business cards, bring them as well.   Remember to always speak clearly and concise. You never know, your future employer maybe standing right in front of you!

Most fairs will be business-casual, so make sure to dress accordingly. First impressions are what all recruiters and hiring managers are going to be looking for. Give yourself time for your hair and makeup.  Also be sure you’ve taken the time to remove any noticeable, unwanted hair.  Long pesky hairs are not equated with professionalism and success.  Use your pain-free Finishing Touch Elite the night before you attend the internship fair and then bring it along with you for those last minute touch-ups.